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Kripanidhi Retreat Rajgir has been set up by Haparo Foundation, a non-profit company in association with Veerayatan, an internationally acclaimed NGO.


Veerayatan, which stands on the three pillars of Seva (service to humanity), Shiksha (education for all), and Sadhana (self-development) to inspire and empower lives, was formed to unanimously serve all socio-economic-religious classes. Run by the totally dedicated Acharya Shri Chandanaji, it has been inspired by the teachings of Tirthankar Mahavir and Rashtrasant Amar Muniji Maharaj.

Since its inception in 1973, Veerayatan has transformed innumerable lives; including thousands of those who weren't even acknowledged as part of society. It has served as a beacon of hope for millions. It has facilitated incredible impact through extraordinary service towards alleviating human suffering.

VEERAYATAN-LOGO A world renowned NGO eatablished in 1973 under the leadership of Acharyashri Chandanaji with the mission of Seva, Siksha and Sadhana. For more details about Veerayatan, please visit

Haparo Foundation

Haparo Foundation was formed by the brothers Dr. Niren Suchanti and Navin Suchanti of Pressman and Sinclairs, who had a dream to build something permanent and of social relevance to perpetuate the memory of their parents, the late Harsha Chand Suchanti and the late Padmabati Suchanti and Dr. Suchanti's son Rohan who passed away at the young age of 34.

The dream has taken shape with the formation of Haparo Foundation, a non-profit making initiative. The name has been coined using the first two letters of the names of the three departed souls. Haparo Foundation has been established with the objective of promoting education, health care, women empowerment, self-employment, hygiene and sanitation for the welfare of the poor and economically weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

HAPARO-LOGO Promoted by Dr. Niren Suchanti and Navin Suchanti in memory of Late H C Suchanti, Late Padmabati Suchanti and Late Rohan Suchanti.